The InI - The Ultimate LEGO Organization Table

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History of The InI - Don and Kiyoko’s son had acquired a massive LEGO collection by the age of eight. He would spend hours loudly digging through large plastic bins during his building sessions. The playroom was normally in a state of disaster once the pieces made their way out of the plastic bins, because they rarely would be put back where they “belonged”. After finding no commercially available solutions that met Don’s requirements, the patent pending InI was developed from scratch. The InI solves the three most important requirements necessary to keep a large LEGO collection tamed.

Play Space - The InI has a large top on which to construct and display LEGO creations. Multiple children can access the InI from any side and build together. The InI is designed for center-of-room use. Children aren’t hidden up against a wall or in a corner away from the light. They can play and still have eye contact and interaction with other people in the room. Lastly, children must get up and move around during the play process in order to access each of the 16 trays.

Storage - The InI will help keep a LEGO collection clean and ready-to use. The storage bins are easy to access, lightweight, and are easy to remove/replace.

Sorting - The InI has 16 slots in the top. Each slot corresponds to one of the 16 trays. Sort by color. Sort by shape. Choose your own preferred method. The InI makes it amazingly simple by allowing a piece to be dropped into a slot. Every slot is ergonomically within reaching distance from a seated position. You will be astonished at how quickly a large pile of LEGO disappears into the correct trays, often while you are watching TV. Nothing before has made it this simple!

Quality Materials - All InIs are constructed with high quality Baltic Birch plywood. Much more durable and attractive than softwood-core box store plywood, Baltic Birch is made using only hardwood layers and it has a gorgeous edge. All wood components of the InI are cut and shaped by a precise computer-controlled process. Exterior portions of each InI are sanded and finished with multiple coats of durable, water-based urethane for a beautiful finish. The InI is extremely sturdy and steady. You can count on handing it down to the next generation.

Ease of Assembly - Although the InI requires precise alignment to function, don’t fear mistakes during assembly. Simply fold out the hinged faces for perfect alignment, and assemble the rest with a Phillips screwdriver.

Pronunciation - Spelled with a capital I, lowercase n, and capital I, Don and Kiyoko call it the “eenie”. You may feel free to call it the “Best thing that ever happened to our LEGO collection!"


The InI - Top View


The InI - Side View


The InI - Isometric View


The InI - Front View


The InI - X-Ray View