About Flippytan Furniture


Flippytan Furniture is owned and operated by husband/wife team, Don and Kiyoko DuLac. Don was raised in the rural area outside of Wichita, and Kiyoko grew up in Las Vegas, NV. They are both Army veterans, and met in the Army in 2001. They were married and had two children while Don was stationed at Fort Bragg, NC.

After completing an extended tour in the Army, they were looking for somewhere wonderful to live. They fell in love with and moved to Rio Rancho, NM.

Don was raised in a woodworking family, and quickly fell back into the old habits of designing and building furniture on the weekends with Kiyoko's help. Most of the creations were requests of friends, or filled a gap in their own home.

Soon, they built a large masonry workshop to move the woodworking efforts out of the garage.

Flippytan Furniture was founded in 2015 with the specific purpose of providing a way for people to easily purchase the patent pending InI (eenie). Flippytan Furniture is proud to have created a product that will help many families, schools, and activity centers organize, display, and use their large LEGO collections in a way that had not been available before.

Look forward to seeing many other creative solutions in addition to the InI from Flippytan Furniture.

Thanks for checking us out!